QUIK-RESPONSE™ Self-Expanding Sandbags

Water-Activated, 45x Growth in Minutes! Deploys 6x Faster than Normal Sandbags. 

Discover QUIK-RESPONSE™ by Vasalta, a rapid deployment flood barrier system used by municipal response crews and individuals alike. These self-expanding sandbags are initially compact & lightweight, allowing for convenient storage, quick transportation to the flood-site and even faster deployment. Upon contact with floodwater, Quik-Response  grows in both size and mass, forming an effective barrier against flooding. 

Trusted by cities, towns, governments and individuals all across Canada:

Quik-Response Self-Expanding sandbags product brochure

Quik-Response Self-Expanding sandbags product brochure

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

Quik-Response Sandless sandbag being submerged in water

Find out how to use Quik-Response self-expanding sandbags 


How It Works

How It Works

Quik-Response self-expanding sandbags protecting a home from flooding.

Learn why Quik-Response is the best flood protection device in Canada


How It Works


Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbag demonstration video

Watch Quik-Response in action


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Quik-Response self expanding sandbags

Quik-Response Sand-Free Sandbag Brochure

Municipal Pricing

Municipal Pricing

Municipal Pricing

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Municipal Pricing

Municipal Pricing

Quik-Response frequently asked questions

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sandless sandbag flood protection for Canadian flooding and homeowner flooding.

Sandless Sandbag Homeowners Kit (10-Pack)

C$ 65.00
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Free Shipping Within Canada.

  • Each kit includes 10 self-expanding sandbags.
  • Effective homeowner flood protection.
  • Protect windows, doors, garages, basements and stairwells. 
  • For indoor/outdoor use. 
  • Over 400 lbs. of sandbag equivalent in each kit.
  • Free Shipping within Canada (ships in 3-5 business days).
  • Refund Policy

How it Works

Pre-activated Quik-Response self-expanding sandbag being placed in water.

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

Quik-Response units are compact & lightweight until activated. 

Submerging Quik-response self-expanding sandbag in water for activation.

2. Activate Growth With Water

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

Submerge Quik-Response in water for 3-5 minutes to activate growth.

Inflated Quik-Response sandless sandbag fully activated to 40 lbs.

3. Rapid Deployment Flood Protection.

1. Initially Weightless. Easy to transport.

3. Rapid Deployment Flood Protection.

Grows from 0 to 40 lbs. in minutes, becoming a fully-functional sandbag. 

Quik-Response demonstration Video

Quik-Response: Self-Expanding Sandbag Flood Protection Demonstration Video

Self-Expanding Sandbag Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Quik-Response Sandless Sandbags?

Save Labor. Save Time. Save More Property. 

How do Quik-Response self-expanding sandbags compare to normal sandbags?

Faster Deployment

Using  traditional sandbags, it takes two individuals about one-hour to fill  and place a 1' x 20' dike (Emergency Mgmt. BC). With Quik-Response, two  individuals can deploy a 1' x 20' dike in under 15 minutes.  Our self-expanding, sandless sandbags require no filling and no setup.

Easier to Store 

The Quik-Response sandless sandbag equivalent of thousands of pounds of traditional sandbags can be stored in a closet or small room. Before activation, Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags lay flat and are easily stored in boxes.   

Environmentally Beneficial

Each self-expanding sandbag is biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Quik-Response can be buried to hydrate vegetation and improve soils.

Save On Labor Costs

Upon contact with water, Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags swell in both size and weight, reaching about 40 lbs. Traditional sandbags require a labor force for setup (filling bags with sand) and deployment. Quik-Response requires no setup and can be deployed by one or two individuals.    

Save On Transportation Costs  

Using a single pickup truck, the Quik-Response sandless sandbag equivalent of 11,000 lbs of traditional sandbags can be transported easily to a job-site.     

Save Time 

Hauling sand, filling sandbags, and lifting heavy bags to a job-site is a lengthy process. With Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags, you simply lay the weightless units where you want them, add water, and watch them grow in minutes.     


Using a single pickup truck, the Quik-Response equivalent of 11,000 lbs of traditional sandbags can be transported easily to a job-site.     

Built for Canadian Flooding

Flood Mitigation:

  • Outdoor flooding
  • Indoor flooding
  • Municipal flooding
  • Storm flooding
  • Flash flooding
  • River overflow
  • floodwater redirection
  • pipe leaks
  • water-main bursts

Other Applications:

  • Spill containment
  • Liquid redirection
  • Liquid absorption
  • Sign/Object anchoring
  • Soil hydration
  • Landscaping

Quik-Response Frequently asked questions

How do Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags work?

Quik-Response sandbags are initially flat & lightweight. Upon exposure to water, each unit expands in both size & mass to a 40lb, fully-functional sand bag. 

How long do Quik-Response Self-Expanding sandbags last for?

The shelf-life of an unactivated Quik-Response sand bag is more than 5 years (if sealed in packaging and kept dry). Once activated, bags can be used for up to 5 months.

Do I have to add water?

We recommend that you pre-activate Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags by submerging them in water or by hosing them down. Quik-Response can also be placed in position prior to activation, however, the units may get carried away by the flood-current.  For constructing retaining walls, pre-soaking & stacking them is recommended. 

Can Quik-Response be re-used?

Re-activation is not 100% reliable, and, therefore, we recommend this as a single-use product. However, once re-exposed to water, they will absorb  & swell again.

Can Quik-Response be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes. Quik-Response provides effective protection against both indoor and outdoor flooding.

How do I use Quik-Response to protect my property from flooding?

Quik-Response bags can be stacked in the same manner as normal sandbags. You can refer to this guide on how to properly build a sandbag barrier to stop the flow of floodwater. They can also be placed in front of doorways, windows and any other entrance point of floodwater. In minutes, your home is protected from internal and external flooding. 

Is Quik-Response cost effective?

Quik-Response can save you money on multiple fronts. Users will save square footage on storage space, save time and money on delivery to the flood site, save time in both man-hours and deployment. In short, Quik-Response saves its users time, potential flood damages, and thousands of dollars in labor and flood damages.

Do Quik-Response Self-Expanding sandbags work better than normal sandbags?

Quik-Response performs better than normal sandbags in every way. They are easier to transport, faster to deploy and form tighter and more effective flood barriers than traditional sandbags. 

What are the recommended disposal methods for Quik-Response sandless sandbags?

Quik-Response is environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in a number of ways. We recommend burying the bags, as they are biodegradable and will slowly hydrate surrounding vegetation. Likewise, users can dispose of bags in the trash or a landfill.   

Is Quik-Response environmentally safe?

Quik-Response is biodegradable and environmentally safe. The active ingredients have no negative effects on the environment based on the present state of knowledge and is often used as a soil additive for horticulture. 

Can I drive over Quik-Response flood barriers?

We do not recommend it, however, in many cases the bags will not break.   

Can Quik-Response be used in the winter/snow? Will they freeze?

Quik-Response can be used in the winter. Fully activate each unit before freezing temperatures occur to assure maximum protection when the snow is melting. 


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