Geotextile fabric used for paved and unpaved roads & parking lots.

Quality Woven Geotextile

VGT Series 200ST and 315ST Woven geotextiles are a high-performance line of geotextile used for reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways. Our geotextile is compliant with AASHTO/NTPEP standards and meet the requirements set forth by Alberta Transportation's Standard Specifications for Highway Construction.  


VGT Series 200ST and 315ST geotextiles help prevent rutting and provide stabilization in the construction of paved/unpaved roads and parking lots.

  • Separation / Stabilization
    Ideal for paved and unpaved roads. Increases the performance life of roads and parking lots as well.

  • Filtration
    VGT Series® woven geotextiles are resistant to biological and chemical environments found in soil.
  • Soil Reinforcement
    Ideal for embankments, retaining walls and steepened slope reinforcement.

VGT Series 200ST and 315ST