Car approaching a Quik-Response portable speed bump



What is Quik-Bump?

Quik-Bump is an effective traffic-calming device for residential areas, parking lots and school/ playground zones. It’s unique design allows for quick installation (in under an hour by one or two individuals without the use of machinery) and can be customized to any desired length or configuration. This product does not damage vehicles and affords users the option of quickly removing the Quik-Bump and changing it's location should traffic calming strategies change. 

What are the benefits of using Quik-Bump over traditional speed bumps? 

Quick and Easy Installation- Quik-Bump can typically be installed in under an hour. Unlike traditional speed bumps, Quik-Bump does not require a work crew or machinery to install. 

Cost effective- Quik-Bump is more economical than traditional speed bumps, and users save money on the costs of labor, installation and heavy machinery needed for traditional speed bump construction.   

Adaptable and Versatile- Unlike traditional speed bumps, Quik-Bump can easily be moved to a more suitable location if needed. Users also can arrange the Quik-Bump to any desired length, arrangement or shape.   

Eco-friendly- Quik-Bump is made of highly durable recycled rubber (Resistant to UV Light, Extreme Temperatures, Heavy Loads, Fading). By using recycled rubber products, we can reduce the amount of rubber in our landfills.  

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