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Vasalta Environmental Emergency Solutions

At Vasalta, we offer comprehensive, cost-effective, and safety-driven solutions for environmental emergencies of all types. 

We manufacture and supply:

  • Flood Protection
  • Quik-Response Sandless Sandbag Flood Barriers
  • Portable Water Storage Tanks
  • Geo-Textiles
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Road Safety Accessories

We are committed to offering innovative products that our customers can depend on to meet their emergency response needs.

Quik-Response: Best Flood Barrier of 2020

QUIK-RESPONSESelf-Expanding Sandbags are trusted by cities & towns across Canada for fast, effective flood protection.


vasalta Flood Protection Canada
Municipal, Commercial & Residential Flood Protection

Quik-Response: Sandless Sandbags

Are you prepared for the Canadian 2020 Flood Season? Get prepared with QUIK-RESPONSE ™  Self-Expanding Sandbags and our Gabion Flood Barriers.

Flood Protection Resources

Updated Flood Protection Information:


The Complete Guide to Canadian Flooding


We cover important topics related to Canada's historical flood situations, the current flood landscape, municipal preparedness and economic implications of flood disasters: 

  • The History of Canadian Flooding
  • 5 Of the Worst Floods in Canadian History
  • 10 Common Causes of Canadian Flooding
  • Canada's most Flood Prone Cities
  • The Real Costs of Canadian Flooding
  • Household Flood Damages: A Closer Look at Costings
  • How Well are Canadian Cities prepared for Flooding?
  • Why Does Global Warming Matter?
  • How Flooding Affects First Nations Communities

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The Complete Flood Prevention Guide

Looking for actionable ways to prevent floodwater from damaging your home & property?

Learn about flood protection techniques, flood barriers, setting up sandbag flood walls, and home flood protection tactics:

  • These Areas of Your Home are at Risk of Flooding
  • How to Protect Your Home From Flooding: 35 Actionable Ways
  • How To Protect Your Business from Flood Water Damage?
  • How to Properly Stack Sandbags for Emergency Flooding
  • Water-activated, sandless sandbag flood barrier alternatives
  • Different Types of Sandbag Material
  • Should You Pre-Activate Self-Expanding Sandbags Before Using?
  • The Do's and Don't(s) of Using Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags

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The Complete Flood Safety Guide:

Important safety information and best practices for remaining safe in emergency flood situations:

  • What Should You Do In a Flood Situation 
  • Understanding Flood Risk & Vulnerability 
  • How To Prepare For Flooding 
  • 6 Things Every Canadian Needs to Know About Home Water Damage
  • 5 Safety Tips for Flash Flooding in Canada
  • How to Prepare an Emergency Flood Kit

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Flood Insurance Guide

You've researched flood protection, equipped yourself with a flood barrier and feel prepared for the flood season. Go one step further and learn about flood insurance:

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Flood Protection Infographics

Want to learn about flood preparedness, flood safety and flood protection barriers, but don't have the time? We've got you covered. 

Flood Protection Tools:

Flood Barriers

QUIK-RESPONSE ™ Self-Expanding Sandbags

Sandbag Calculator

How many sandbags do I need to build a flood barrier?

Flood Damage Cost Calculator

How much money will flood damages cost me?  

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