Innovative Land-Use Products

Earth Stabilization,  Geotextiles,  Road Safety Devices,  Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks

Rolls of geotextile fabric in warehouse


VGT Series™ 200ST and 315ST Woven  geotextiles are a high-performance line of geotextile used for reducing  rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways. Our  geotextile is compliant with AASHTO/NTPEP standards and meet the  requirements set forth by Alberta Transportation's Standard  Specifications for Highway Construction.     

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Quik-Bump portable speed bump

QUIK-BUMP Customizable Speed-Bump

Quik-Bump is an effective traffic-calming device for residential areas, parking lots and school/ playground zones. It’s  unique design allows for quick installation (in under an hour by one or  two individuals without the use of machinery) and can be customized to  any desired length or configuration. Users can quickly remove the Quik-Bump  and change it's location should traffic calming strategies change.   

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Portable cistern tank

V-FLEX Tanks

VFlex  is an innovative, durable and reliable line of storage/transportation  tanks used for holding water, food-grade liquids, oils, industrial  substances/chemicals and much more. These bladder-like tanks are  constructed of highly durable TPU materials and are enforced with  Puncture-Resistant inner and outer coating fabric.  

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