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Overland Flood Insurance

What exactly is overland flood insurance?

Overland flood insurance is an insurance option that insures a water-damaged home. 

The water must be caused from intrusive floodwater that entered through doors & windows and was caused by overflowing lakes, rivers, ponds or storm water.

Usually, overland flood protection is not included in a normal home insurance policy, so be sure to inquire about it with your insurance provider.

Is your home at risk of flooding? 

Check out the most common ways that flood water can enter your property and how to stop it. 

Flood Protection Tools:

Flood Barriers

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Sandbag Calculator

How many sandbags do I need to build a flood barrier?

Flood Damage Cost Calculator

How much money will flood damages cost me?  

Claiming Disaster Assistance in Canada

Canadian Disaster Relief Claims process infographic


November 15, 2019

The Canadian Government responds to the financial needs of provinces and territories created in the wake of major natural disasters, such as overland flooding, through their Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA). 

The process of disaster claims can be confusing, as several forms of assistance are available from federal, provincial and territorial levels of government. These address certain disaster-specific needs and aid in specific economic and social sectors as well.

Canadian Disaster Assistance Claims Process for Homeowners:

  • Province/Territory declares the event is eligible for disaster assistance- usually meaning the event caused sudden, unexpected and widespread damage and losses that are beyond the ability of individuals to manage on their own. The event cannot be the result of negligence or deterioration of infrastructure.

  • Homeowner documents damages and gets quote on repairs (applicable only if home is located in the eligible disaster area).

  • Disaster relief covers only basic items and returning your primary residence to pre-disaster condition. Most coverage will include meals and accommodations if you need to leave your home. Many luxury items are not covered, and there are often upper limits on how much you can claim for home contents (eg. home appliances). 

  • Homeowner submits claim to insurance and receives a letter with details on the type of loss/damage, the amount covered by insurance, and the insurer's reason for not covering any amount. Most provinces and territories will not cover your losses if flood insurance was reasonably and readily available in your area, even if you have not purchased coverage yourself.

  • Homeowner submits claim to provincial/ territorial ministry responsible for the program.

  • Ministry processes your claim and sends an adjuster to property if further information is required. 

  • Claim amount (insurable items only) determined (minus insurance, deductibles and any non-government support you may receive, such as Red Cross or fundraising assistance).

  • Claim amount is paid to applicant

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